Political Science, McMaster University

Political Sciences at the McMaster University

Undergraduate Experience

Political Science at McMaster University is unique from other political science programs from other universities in various ways. The program itself is not only about politics but it also covers fields of law, regulations, theories such as political theory, the practice of government, and several other topics. Political science at McMaster allows students to study in various branches within the programs. As a political science student, you can take a courses such as: Canadian and American politics and law, international laws and relations, comparative politics, political theory, public administration as well as policies. Moreover, the people and faculty at McMaster University help create a positive environment, especially in Political Science.


These professors provide their students with various outside opportunities as well as advice that you will not receive anywhere else; professors at McMaster genuinely want all their students to succeed. This is shown in many ways,. For example, they are always offering to help and remind students to contact them if they need anything. Many of these professors are involved in the jobs and organizations that students want to join. For instance, many Professors at McMaster University are lawyers, members of organizations such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; many professors are activists, speakers etc. 


Overall, a great way to know if this program is right for you is to ask yourself what you want and what career path you want to pursue. If you want to be a lawyer or work in government, McMaster is the place for you. McMaster University is constantly challenging its students since they want their students to succeed, problem-solve on the spot and be able to handle anything that comes in their way. In addition to this, Political Science at McMaster helps students grow a thick skin because of the challenges with pursuing a career in the legal field.  If you’re a hard-working student and want to be prepared for the legal field, Mac is for you.


I chose Political Science because I want to make a change in the world that we live in, whether it is a big change or a small one. There are various ongoing issues with inequality, racism, discrimination and the list goes on. Furthermore, the diversity, environment, and the skills that I would be able to learn drew me to this program. Therefore, I am extremely happy with my decision because as a third-year political science student, I have learned and grown a lot.


Enrichment Opportunities

There are countless laws and political organizations, clubs, events that speak about ongoing issues domestically or internationally. There are also clubs such as the McMaster Pre-Law Society and/or Justice in Pieces (which allows students to speak to lawyers and make connections). McMaster Mock Trials and McMaster Moot Court allow students to participate in mock cases and practice as if they were a lawyer or witness in court. Many different clubs guide students for law school and prepare students with information about the LSAT. 

There are co-op opportunities that allow students to work at a law firm, at courthouses and various other places. If students want to do co-op, it is always important to speak to an academic advisor at McMaster, they are always happy to help! 

There are also research opportunities at McMaster that can be obtained by asking a Professor if they are open to have students join them on their research projects; a lot of professors do allow their students to join them on projects. Academic advisors may also have information on available research positions.

Career Paths 

Possible Career Paths following Graduation:

  • Lawyer
  • Politicians
  • Government Administrator
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Labour Relations Specialist
  • Paralegal
  • Professor
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Researcher

Ronahi Abdurrahman




B.A, Political Sciences 

Campus involvement

Tutor at McMaster University

Favorite part of the program

My favorite part of political science is the diversity of my program. No matter a person’s political views, how they grew up, religion, and forth; political science is a program that accepts all students. I love how diversity is seen in the course content that is being taught to students. In political science, we speak and debate about ongoing issues, regulations, laws, policies, and things that are currently happening right now. There is always something new that I learn every day and that what is what I love about my program.

Future Plans

As a third-year political science student, I can join many different careers with my degree. I do want to keep my options open; I have learned a lot of about career paths such as Law school, Graduate school, becoming a political speaker, activist, professor, paralegal, and jobs in government.