Bachelor of Science in Nursing, MacEwan University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing at MacEwan University

Undergraduate Experience

The nursing program is really the star of MacEwan University. The school has put a lot of work into developing a comprehensive, high quality program. There has been so much invested in equipment for the skills labs, the facilities and there are some truly wonderful and knowledgeable professors. What sets it apart from other nursing programs in the area is that there is a major focus on bedside nursing. Of course theory is always important, but MacEwan focuses on helping you become a compassionate, critical thinker, and it really prepares you for working directly with clients in a clinical setting. They also have a very comprehensive selection of required courses, from science to sociology. It is so important to understand all aspects of nursing, not just the skills and procedures, and MacEwan has a reputation for educating well-rounded, knowledgeable nurses. This is the biggest reason I chose MacEwan. I also enjoy how the school is on the smaller side. I am really able to get the support I need from my professors with the small class sizes, and I have been able to get to know my peers, even with online courses. I am able to build relationships with my instructors and classmates. 

Enrichment Opportunities

One of the greatest parts of the nursing program is being able to apply your knowledge in a hands-on learning environment. Many of the Nursing courses are accompanied by a lab component that really helps to hone your skills. As well, throughout the second to fourth year of your program, the entirety of every second semester will be spent at various clinical placements. This is where you are really able to apply yourself and develop critical thinking skills, and learn what it’s actually like to be a nurse through first hand experience. Even in your first year, you spend one day per week in your second semester onsite at a clinical placement, so you are able to get your feet wet in the world of bedside nursing right away.

Career Paths 

Once you graduate and get your RN license, the career opportunities are really endless. Of course there are the traditionally thought of jobs, in medical-surgical units, labour and delivery, emergency room, and any other hospital unit you can think of. There are also so many jobs you might have never heard of. You can work in community health, home care, and clinics, or even become a travel nurse or work in research. You also have the opportunity to further your education, getting a Masters, or even a PhD in Nursing, and moving on to become a nursing instructor or a Nurse Practitioner.


MacEwan has residence open to all students. There are bachelor suite, two bedroom, four bedroom and double suite rooms. They have normal floors, as well as “quiet floors” that have extended quiet hours. First year students have priority for room assignments along with students returning to residence, with options for 8 or 12 month terms. There are some great amenities like game, social and study rooms, wellness suites and a theatre. There are even hotel style rooms for out of town friends or family to stay in while visiting. More info can be found here.




Bachelor of Science – Nursing Program

MacEwan University

favourite part of the program

Despite the reality of online learning, I have really enjoyed this first year. I’ve been able to learn and grow so much, and make friends along the way. My favourite part has been going to my clinical placement at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Being able to apply my skills and knowledge in a real world environment has been invaluable to my learning. The conversations I have, and the relationships I build with my patients are some of the most rewarding things, and it really helps remind me of why I am in this program when things get challenging. I won’t lie, a BScN program is a lot of work, but if it’s what you want, don’t let everything you hear scare you. Even just a year in, it’s clear what a fulfilling career nursing is.

Furture Plans

In the future, I hope to work as a NICU or Labour & Delivery nurse after graduation. I’m also looking forward to continuing my journey in these next 3 years of school.