Molecular Biology & Genetics, University of Guelph

Molecular Biology & Genetics (MBG) at University of Guelph

Undergraduate Experience

I chose this program because it is one of a kind in my opinion. I really like how specific it can get, but also the great amount of information you can learn. After your second year, you can choose to focus on molecular biology, cell biology, developmental biology, humans and animal genetics, agricultural and plant genetics, or you can explore all areas and have a broader perspective. The University of Guelph has one of the best research programs in Canada and because of that, their science programs are super special and unique, which really attracted me to the MBG program. For example, just this year, a novel genetic disease was identified by UoG researchers!

Enrichment Opportunities

In terms of opportunities, there are plenty of them at the University of Guelph. Due to the variety of biological sciences majors and the Veterinary school associated with the university, there are many ways for someone to get a taste of what they want to do in the future. As well, you can even connect with professors from different departments and find ways to interconnect your major. Personally, I have been involved in research throughout my undergraduate experience and it has given me the chance to apply what I have learned in my coursework in a practical manner and gain insightful knowledge in the areas of my interest. In other news, as of Fall 2020, the Molecular Biology and Genetics program officially has a co-op option! This is great for a student to get hands-on experience in a path they are interested in pursuing.

Career Paths 
  • Clinical genetics and genetic counselling
  • Biotechnology
  • Toxicology
  • Agriculture
  • Medical research

Sally Al-Mufty




Bachelor of Science – Molecular Biology & Genetics

University of Guelph

campus involvment

  • Vice president Communications of the Molecular Biology and Genetics Student Association
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • College of Biological Sciences Peer Mentor

favourite part of the program

My favourite part of the program is how it incorporates different disciplines of biological sciences as well as the hands-on experience you gain through the lab-based courses. Along with that, the staff and students are very friendly and helpful, which drives an individual to work hard and constantly feel motivated.

Future Plans

I aspire to become a genetic counsellor in the future as I find the science behind the rise of various genetic disorders very fascinating. As well, I really care about making connections with others and creating life-long relationships, which I believe is a critical part of this profession. This interest of mine drove me to minor in psychology and it has given me the chance to learn so much within my undergraduate experience. For more information about the psychology program (both major and minor), check out this link here