Life Sciences, University Of Toronto

Life Sciences at the University of Toronto

Undergraduate Experience

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Enrichment Opportunities

Given that the University of Toronto is the largest university in Canada, there are a number of opportunities available to gain skills and experiences outside of the classroom. Not only does UofT have numerous labs on campus, its affiliations with many of the hospitals and research institutions in downtown Toronto provide further opportunities to explore. 

Most life science students start by volunteering in a lab and/or applying for work-study positions in labs. Moreover, students usually apply for summer student research grants to work in a lab during the summer. 

The pharmacology & toxicology and pharmaceutical chemistry POSts are the only life science streams that offer co-op, known as a professional experience year (PEY) in research and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Career Paths 

The most popular pathways following graduation are: 

  • Professional school (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy)
  • Graduate school
    • Masters Programs (2-3 years)
    • PhD stream (4 years)
  • Work Force 
    • Research Labs 
    • Teaching 
    • Health Care 

Over your undergraduate years, you’ll come to learn more about possible career paths after graduation. There’s careers out there you don’t even know exist right now! 


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