BMOS, Western University

Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) at Western University 

Undergraduate Experience

This program is unique in a few senses:

  1. Courses are taught on both a case based and theory based method
    • This means that textbook material and 50% of lectures are focused on teaching you concepts and the fundamentals behind every business function 
    • Additional problems provided by the professor, textbook questions, and the other 50% of lecture focus on building your ability to recognize problems in a case based scenario. You will be given a business scenario in which you will have to identify, analyze, and resolve a problem using the theory previously learned. 
  2. The program focusses on building well-rounded students that understand the workings of a business inside and out, not just the specialization they choose 
    • You will be allowed to choose which classes you want to take from an already preselected pool of courses. These courses (regardless of your specialization) will vary anywhere from marketing to corporate finance. This is done so that all of your classes aren’t concentrated in one specialization, but rather you are able to visualize the business function as one continuous machine where the compartments work together to produce results. This helps students see the bigger picture and apply their knowledge better.
Enrichment Opportunities

Students have an opportunity to take a year off from school between 3rd and 4th year to pursue an internship. The application is fairly straightforward and allows students to work together with advisors, guidance counselors, and professors in order to find a position that is the best fit for them. 

This opportunity allows students to make connections in the real world and apply their knowledge to real scenarios in order to be better equipped when coming out of undergrad.

Career Paths 

Depending on what specialization you choose you can go into:

  • Accounting 
  • Commercial Aviation 
  • Consumer behavior 
  • Finance 
  • Human Resource management 
  • Management and legal studies 
  • Public administration

Since the program focusses on producing well-rounded students, after completing your BMOS degree you can decide to go into absolutely any field you desire, your degree will not hold you back 

During your recruitment process you will be able to say that you have skills in marketing, finances, a minor legal background (mainly corporate), HR, etc. 

Many recruiters will be impressed that you have a comprehensive knowledge of the entire business operations system.


Western is very well known for their orientation program, a mental health initiative that promotes an easy transition for first year students. 

The goal of the program is to allow first year students to slowly adapt to the university lifestyle as well as ‘away from home’ lifestyle

First years that are placed into a residence are welcomed by select upper year students that help them move in, get settled, and get acquainted with their floormates. These upper year students are called sophs and live with the first years and are there for them throughout the year, providing any resources they may need (emotional, physical, academic etc) 

During the first week upon arrival, first years are welcomed by an extensive program that includes live concerts with performers such as Jessie Reyez, lil uzi vert, loud luxury and more! 

Everyday is different, with welcome ceremonies, carnivals, dances and more! 

This week is also completely free of other upper year students (excluding the sophs) allowing first years to comfortably get acquainted with the campus without the pressure of being around older undergrads and graduate students.

More information can be found here


I am more than happy to chat if anyone wants to reach out!

Jessica Gavrikov-Zinchenko





B.Sc. (TBD)

campus involvement

In first year, I joined the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) student branch as the first year representative. I helped organize networking events, helped students apply for their CPA designation, and overall represented CPA on campus.


In second year I became more involved and joined the Active minds team in their mission to spread mental health awareness on campus. I was also a part of a presidential campaign, acting as a PR assistant, communicating with various organizations on campus to generate support for my friend that was running for president.


Finally, this year I became involved with the Fashion & LifeStyle society as an events director. I help come up with events that the club hosts throughout the year, generate awareness for it, and help on projects such as the two annual fashion shows. 

Favourite part of the program

My favourite part of the program is how many insightful and intelligent students I have had the opportunity to work with through group projects. Having collaborated with an array of individuals from medical sciences, engineering, arts, and all corners of business I have gained valuable insights to the respective fields and thus have developed my knowledge to think more critically and broadly. Not only have these students shared their stories and expertise with me, but they have become lifelong connections.

Future plans

I am currently a prospective law school student looking to study abroad. I am researching schools and programs that will best fit my academic needs. I have decided to focus on business law and international affairs, eventually hoping to land a job in international business law. Of course as we progress in life, new insights may change our path so I am definitely nowhere near to being set on that one. Short-term, I am constantly looking for opportunities to get involved in my respective field and try to do things today that will change tomorrow for the better!