How To Get Involved in University

Many aspects of starting university can be daunting, especially figuring out how to fit yourself into the already bustling community. Don’t fear! This guide is sure to help you find your place within your university.

Join a club!

If you haven’t visited your university’s club fair already, you should check it out! There’s bound to be a club that appeals to your hobbies or interests. When you meet people who have common interests with you, the conversation will flow naturally. It’s a perfect way to make like-minded friends. What if the club you want to join doesn’t exist? You can start it yourself and gain leadership experience!



Whether it’s on campus or trying something out online, volunteering is a wonderful way to connect with peers both on and off campus in addition to enabling you to give back to your community. Check your university’s website for opportunities and try it out!

Join university discord servers!

Discord has a feature called the ‘Discord Student Hub’ where you can join different student-run servers from your university. All you do is put in your university email, and you’ll be presented with a whole list of university servers that you can join! In these servers you can get help (or help others) with coursework and get any questions answered by your peers. Talking to classmates in person might be intimidating to some, so Discord presents the opportunity to engage with your peers in a setting with less pressure. This is also a wonderful option for those who are off-campus or online. 

Start a study group!

As mentioned,  connecting with other students within the class can be a daunting task. However, pretty much everyone is looking for someone to study with. Study groups can be organized over text, through a university Discord, or in person after class. This is a sure way to become connected with a few peers and it might give you a GPA boost in the process! 



No matter which route you take, getting involved on and off campus will enhance your university experience greatly. In addition, academics can become stressful very fast and it is a good idea to have an outlet to take some pressure off. It is an easy way to make friends, gain experience and new skills in various fields, and have fun! 

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Author: Bronwen Clark
Editor: Celina Macleod