5 University Tech Essentials

With the amount of choice we have for gadgets in 2022, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to bring to university! This list will help you decide what’s essential, and what’s better left behind.

1. Laptop

A laptop is absolutely essential for every student to be carrying in their backpack. Many professors use university-run websites to upload homework and accept assignments, so you probably wouldn’t get far without one. Don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank! Laptops like the Lenovo Ideapad 3 Chromebook can cost you less than $300. In addition, companies like Apple offer student discounts with other benefits. This year, they are offering a gift card for up to $210 with the purchase of a qualifying iMac, MacBook, or iPad!

2. USB Flash Drive

Storing all of your university work on your desktop can eat up storage quickly! To ensure that you have room for all of your future academic endeavours, investing in a USB flash drive is a smart choice. Not only are they portable, but they can hold between 8GB to 256GB of data. The amount of storage is up to personal preference! The Lexar Jumpdrive S60 holds up to 64GB, for example.

3. Webcam
A webcam is essential with some classes remaining on zoom. Though some laptops and computers have webcams built-in, not all of them have this feature. In that case, investing in a webcam like the Logitech C270 is a must! On top of using it for lectures, many online classes proctor using software that may require a webcam. It’s always better to be prepared and have one on hand than scrambling to buy one on the day of the final! Furthermore, a webcam can be useful for remote club meetings or job interviews.

4. Headphones
A good pair of headphones can be the difference between a good and bad day at university. Whether it’s tuning in to online lectures, or listening to some sweet lo-fi beats during your study grind, headphones are a must. Noise-cancelling headphones are my personal favourite, as I find it makes it so much easier to tune out the world and concentrate. The Sony WH-CH710Ns is a popular noise-cancelling choice among students. However, any pair of headphones will be your friend during your time at university.

5. A Tablet
Let me preface this and say that a tablet (like an iPad) is not necessarily essential to succeed in university. With that being said, with most assignments and lecture notes being online, it can be very useful. The most powerful feature of tablets for students, in particular, is the ability to annotate and store all of their notes in one convenient location. It is extremely easy to lose a single sheet of loose leaf paper or spill your coffee on your notebook making everything virtually indecipherable. With a tablet, however, this issue is not as prevalent. Your back might also thank you because you aren’t lugging around multiple binders and notebooks on campus.

Starting a new semester at university is stressful enough, throwing in the overwhelming amount of options we have for technology in 2022 makes it even more daunting! Don’t let that stress you out though. Follow our list and you are sure to be ready to take on the year!

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Author: Bronwen Clark
Editor: Celina Macleod